June 2013

To All My Valued Customers,

It saddens my heart to be writing this but because of the economy and personal reasons, we had to close Pet Loft. 

I am planning on finding a new location to re-open Pet Loft.  In the meantime, I will be offering free delivery of all your pets' favorite foods.

Please just call my cell at 301-712-1947 or email me at petloftservices2@comcast.net and I will order your items and deliver them to your door.  In some instances I will need a few days to receive the product but will get it to you as soon as it comes in. 

The outside services of poop scooping, dog walking and pet sitting will continue as usual, and until I can find another location I will not be charging for food delivery as stated on our flyers. 

Dog obedience classes will continue - please call or e-mail for details of upcoming classes.

Returns on any item under our guidelines will still remain the same.  Also, the dog food is still 100% guaranteed and if it does now work for your dog I will pick it up for a full refund.

Thank you for your loyalty to Pet Loft and I hope we can continue doing business together until I can find a new store front location.


Karen Broadhurst
Cell: 301-712-1947
E-mail: petloftservices2@comcast.net